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Personnel Division

Mr. Niranjan Kumar Acharya
Tel: +97715547715


  Personnel Recruitment and Management

  • Personnel Division develops Recruitment permanent, contract of personnel of NAST.
  • Permanent recruitment of personnel goes through a define procedure of NAST's service commission.
  • Contractual recruitment of personnel is done public notice following defile NAST regulation.
  • Part time recruitment of personnel for specified works can be made temporarily depending up on a situation.
  • Rules regulations for permanent, contract and part time personnel its attached.
  • The list of permanent staff it attach in PDF for further information you are kindly invited to personnel division.


Personnel Social Security

  • Personnel social security at NAST includes, pension, gratuity, medical assistance, education, assistance other social benefits.
  • Social benefit package realized during last financial year.
  • NAST has employed general practice for the eventual health care and personnel of NAST.
  • The division is planning to implement personnel safety at its scientific laboratory and technical exports.
  • For all other information you are invited to personnel division.


Human Resource Development

  • Human Resource Development planned of NAST includes classification of personnel into scientific, technical, promotion and administrative. Out of which there are scientific, technical, promotional and administrative staff.
  • HRD planned of the division includes national requirement of scientific and technical staff for the growth of NAST.
  • The division is also involved in quick and fast track requirement of scientific personnel under the program.
  • Modern fields of science technology innovation in socifiated and indigenous technology on which the division based. 

Human Resource Rules and Regulations

  • Human Resource Rules and regulation of NAST include the following.
  • Personnel Administration Rules and Regulation etc.
  • The rules and regulation are attached in PDF format


Team Members

1. Mr.Niranjan Kumar Acharya

2. Mrs. Priya Giri

3. Mr. Tila Singh Jora

4. Mrs. Samjhana Chiluwal  

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