The Planning and Evaluation Division has two main responsibilities; Planning and evaluation and International Relationship. Activities performed by the Division in these two aspects are as follows.

Planning and evaluation

•    Formulate Annual Program and budget of the Academy in close coordination with Faculties and other divisions.
•    Held discussions with link Ministry- Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (MoEST), Ministry of Finance and National
     Planning Commission  to  get through the annual program and budget
•    Prepare annual program and budget and submit in the Academy Assembly for approval
•    Give directives to all the faculties and division to implement approved activities.
•    Monitor and supervise the activities  performed by faculties and divisions
•    Compile the  quarterly and annual progress reports prepared by the faculties and divisions and submit to the academy as well
     as make presentation in the MoEST collaboration
•    Work as the liaison unit of Academy to deal with all the concerned authorities of Government of Nepal.
•    Formulate vision, mission strategic plans and develop short term, midterm and long term policy and plans of the academy.
•    Update objectives, functions and activities of the academy and submit to the concerned authorities for revision and approval

International Relationship

•   Develop bilateral and multilateral relationship with International organizations, S&T institutions of other countries for mutual
    cooperation and collaboration.
•   Prepare Text of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be signed by NAST and collaborating international organizations and
    academies and related organizations of other countries
•   Make arrangements for renewal of MoUs
•   Organize international workshops, seminars and interaction programmes in collaboration with respective international and    
    foreign institutions and organizations.
•   Develop joint research and development program with them
•   Coordinate and facilitate research activities carried out by foreign institutions with MoU with NAST in Nepal.
•   Facilitate exchange of scientific visits and a sharing of experiences.