Research Facilitation

Dr. Bhoj Raj Pant
Tel: +977-(0)1-5547714


Research facilitation unit supports talent promotion program of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). This program was commenced from the fiscal year 2066/067 BS (2009/2010 AD). Through this program NAST has been providing fellowships to scientists/technologists to carry out research at NAST. Recently, three different fellowships viz. 1) Research Fellowship (RF), 2) Assistant Research Fellowship (ARF), and 3) PhD fellowships are provided to researchers of different disciplines.


Produce highly skilled manpower within the country and provide an opportunity for researchers to carry out research in different fields of science and technology is the objective of this program.

Program and achievements

To achieve the target objective NAST has been providing following fellowships to qualified researchers.

Research Fellowship (RF)

This fellowship is awarded to those researchers who have completed a PhD in science and technology. Selection criteria to award this fellowship are; research proposal evaluation, academic records of the candidate and commitment of researchers to work on the proposed work. Till now 28 (twenty eight) researchers of different disciplines have received this fellowship. The tenure of this fellowship is one year.

Assistant Research Fellowship (ARF)

Researchers who have completed master’s degree in science and technology are eligible to apply for this fellowship. The selection procedure for this fellowship is interviewe, academic record of the candidate and available program/project running in the NAST. Till now 52 (fifty two) researchers of different disciplines have received this fellowship. Tenure of this fellowship is one year.

PhD Fellowship

PhD fellowship is awarded to young researchers aged below thirty years. Candidates applying for this fellowship should qualify written test and interview. Till now five candidates have received PhD fellowship at NAST. The tenure of PhD fellowship is four years.

 Besides fellowship, NAST supports university graduates to carry out Master’s and PhD thesis at NAST.

Team member:

1.  Dr. Bhoj Raj Pant

2.  Mr. Shiva Prasad Upadhayaya